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Eternal legacy captures the memories and life story of your loved one online allowing sharing these memories with friends family at your finger tips and one click away.


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" The legacy page your team did for both my uncles were very well done. I found how it was put together was very thoughtful and comforting. I am glad for the technology that can keep their memory alive."

The Eternal Legacy package has made it easy for friends and family members at home or abroad able to give their final goodbyes to GrandMa. I feel that everyone got a chance to say their last goodbyes in a space that was curated so tastefully and I espically love the fact that the web page can be shared for years to come. I can always go back and look at the photos and read people’s memories of Grandma. It’s is a little piece of her that lives on.
Thank you!

This is an amazing service for you guys to offer in this pandemic so that everyone feels closure ?

Encapsulate the life of your loved one with a legacy memorial page themed with their favorite song, hobbies colors and stories that will resonate with all generations.