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What is Eternal Legacy Jamaica ?

Eternal legacy captures the memories and life story of your loved one online allowing sharing these memories with friends family at your finger tips and one click away.

What is an online memorial?

Online Memorials are virtual spaces of remembrance, celebration and commemoration for a deceased. At the touch of a button you can revisit the life of a loved one, leave a tribute message and view their life through photographs and videos and connect with family members and friends.

Why should I make an online memorial?

We’re used to commemorating our loved ones by sharing analogue photo books, home videos and memories with each other. Today, almost all of our photos and videos are created and stored digitally, and our family and friends are spread across the country and the world.

Online memorials are the perfect way to store and share these memories, while bringing everyone together in a collaborative commemoration. Rather than save the images in a personal cloud storage that only you can see, online memorials let you and your family collect your favorite memories, share stories and give your loved one a dignified legacy for generations to come.

What are the service offered by Eternal Legacy?

Essentially we have two (2) online services or products.

Our main service/product is the Legacy Obituary. This is a collaborative tool that allows you to share with friends and family members who will then help to populate with photos, videos and tributes.

Our other service/product is the Memorial page which is designed and developed on your behalf by our web design team. 

How much does a Legacy Obituary Cost?

A Legacy Obituary cost $150 USD

How much was a Memorial page cost?

We have 3 options for Memorial pages.

Legacy Memorial – $300USD/6 months

Legacy Celebration – $500USD/12 months

Eternal Legacy – $700USD/forever

Can we upload videos to an obituary?

Not  at this time. 

You can however embed videos from Yotube, Vimeo and other popular streaming platforms

Can I create a Memorial page without doing an obituary?

Every Memorial page package actually comes with a Legacy Obituary. Our platform is primarily an online obituary service.

Do you only work with specific Funeral Homes

No we do not. 

Our service is available to any individual or funeral home. 

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