Hyacinth Carmaletia Richards

JANUARY 29, 1935 – NOVEMBER 21, 2021

Phenomenal does not begin to describe her. She was an angel lent to us for a very long time …”


Born in Bloomfield Manchester, Jamaica

JANUARY 29, 1935

Excerpt from her Eulogy.

Hyacinth Richards was known for her kindness. This was confirmed through the many tributes posted on social media after her passing. She gave freely from the little that she had and often made space in her home for others. Her favourite words were “God is no man’s debtor!” and “You can’t outgive God.” She tried many times and failed! 

Hyacinth Richards was known for her love for children. The children across the street felt her love as she helped them with homework, and made space for them at the dining table many times when their mom was late from work. The greatest manifestation of her love, though, was her eagerness to introduce them to Jesus Christ…






video tribute wall

the Hon. Robert Levy (Back to the Bible)

Dr. Ann Renford (Our Daily Bread Ministries) 

Dwight Pinkney (Brother)

Joseph Headley  (Son-In-Law)

Daphne Tyrell (Sister)

Andrea Tyrell Grant (Niece)

Kaydian Lodge (Mentee)

Dorett Williams (Neighbour)

Sheldon Bernard (Family Friend)

Rev. Roger Kirby (Missionary Church Ass. of Jamaica)

Tabitha Blackwood (God-daughter)

Tabitha Blackwood (God-daughter)




“You just can’t Outgive God” – Hyacinth Richards

Even in death, Hyacinth was committed to giving. She chose two ministries for you to support:

  1. The Educational Assistance Fund of the First Missionary Church. This fund provides assistance for needy students in the church and the surrounding community of Parade Gardens, Central Kingston.

  2. CREW 40:4 – A ministry focused on the use of the Jamaican New Testament, (popularly known as the Patwa Bible), facilitating the spread of the message of Jesus Christ through culturally relevant expressions of worship.

Your contribution will be evenly shared between the two ministries. When you give, please be sure to indicate that your donation is for MIWC JAMAICA – CREW 40:4 from the options provided.

 *Special Note : The songs used in both slide shows are from Hyacinth’s daughter’s album collection – you can visit her website here to hear and view more of her work.

Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories.

Would you like to offer Hyacinth’s loved ones a condolence message? Please feel free to write your message of sympathy below.You may also sign her virtual obituary guestbook as well as light a tribute candle and upload your own photos and memories to share with the family on her Obituary Page.


  1. Carolin Thomas-Boyd

    This is an awesome awesome project. What a legacy and what and awesome God we serve. He makes all things well indeed. Miss Hyacinth we miss you BUT we will NEVER forget you. Loved you in life….. love you more in death. Your memory will live on in the lives of yours children and in the many lives you touched. May your soul Rest In Peace. See you in the morning!❤️

    • Franceta Clayton

      Mrs Richards wowed us the first night we moved into this New neighbourhood of Pleasanton.
      The knocking at the gate had my husband and I curious and wondering “who could it be at this hour of the night?” …….nuh Mrs. Rich. !
      She introduced herself, welcomed us and had a very heart warming conversation with Ron and I . Best of all Mrs. Rich and family, to our delight, was our Immediate neighbour. Soooóo you all know her…….the numerous acts of kindness, sharing of God’s word, cooked and baked goodies, encouragements, laughter, tears, sharing of plants, yearly Daily Bread Devotionals & the list goes onnnnnnnn. TRULY SHE WAS A WOMAN OF GOD & will Always be Remembered

      • Jo-Ann Richards

        We miss you both!!! Thank you for being such great neighbours. We especially miss you because you would have been here to help us grieve her passing and celebrate her life. Nuff love!

  2. clinton chisholm

    Sis. Richards is etched in my mind as a gorgeous soul who blessed me every time I had the honour of interacting with her.

  3. Sophia nelson thompson

    Mrs Richards otherwise mom. i vividly remember how happy she was last birthday singing God you good and you better and giving praise. Mom was loving, caring and would go the extra miles even if she was in pain, just to encourage her nurses to read and understand the bible every day. Mom you will be always in our heart, sadly missed, and forever love. RIP mom

    • Jo-Ann Richards

      Sophia thank you so much for helping to make her last months more bearable and memorable. You and your team were a special light in her life, and continue to be so for all of us!

  4. Phyllis Kelly

    Although I have never met Ms Hyacinth, I’ve heard and read so much positivity about her life, her family, and her love for the Lord, that I’m amazed. The Bible says “by their fruits you shall know them”. I know JoAnn, I feel like I know Mrs Hyacinth. SIP beautiful lady.

  5. Bro Fitzroy Barnett

    We salute you on your mother’s birthday, as she has gone home to be with the Lord. May your heart to be bless, as you remember your mother’s memories on this day.


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