AUGUST 22, 1940 – MARCH 16, 2021


Born in St Ann, Jamaica

AUGUST 22,1940

Leando Fagan, also known as “Fagan” by everyone around him, passed away peacefully on March 16th, 2021 at the tender age of 79. In his early years, Fagan moved to Kingston with no real plan in place. He was a determined man with big dreams of having a better life for him and his family. Shortly after his move, he landed a job at Water Commission, where he worked for many years.


During this time he met the only woman he had ever loved, Barbara Barnett. Barbara and Fagan had 2 beautiful children, Everard (Paul) and Marie, and raised them with love, laughter and kindness.

Fagan was the type of person that made friends everywhere he went. It didn’t matter who the person was. He found a way to bring joy into that person’s life.

A Lifetime of Memories

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“He will live on forever in our hearts and all the hearts of the people he has ever met”


  1. Guillermo

    He will be missed by all of us. Always brought laughter everywhere he went. We love you Fagan…

    • Melody Gordon

      He will be missed, he was really the life of the party ? ❤️❤️ Rest in peace Mr Fagan.

      • Kimberly Scott

        Mr. Fagan you are deeply missed. Your jokes, laugh and vibrant personality are definently things that I distinctly remember about you. From my childhood days to becoming an adult you were always the same vibrant person. Your memory will definitely live on . Sleep in eternal peace. ❤?

        • From Tony, Carol and Travea

          Mr. Fagan, Fagan, Fagey, Lee – our beloved friend and brother.
          Fagan was one of our first friends when we moved to Westport – he welcomed us with open arms and helped us to get settled in – with his warm personality and witty humour he made us felt at home right away. Over the years our friendship blossomed into a family and he became our BROTHER.
          Fagan was a very kind, loving and jovial person – you never had a dull moment when he is around. He always wore a smile and would always have us laughing – he had the best jokes. He was our comedian, dub poet, DJ and Conga Drummer. No buckets, pans or wooden surfaces could escape his habit of drumming. Our daughters, Travea and Myesha always loved him, he was like an uncle to them, a protector.
          He was a hard worker and a family man – always talking about children and Grandchildren, he loved his family. To Marie, Paul and the rest of the family, our prayers and thoughts are with you. And we offer our deepest condolences.
          Fagan You have been apart our lives for so many years and you will forever be in our hearts and we will cherish all the great memories we have shared throughout the years. We will miss your laughter, your humour, our conversations and everything else. Rest Well good friend – til’ we meet again.

      • Michelle Isaacs (Niece)

        Uncle was one of a kind. Never a dull moment with him. So kind and thoughtful; he was a people person. I miss him.

    • Nadine Huie and family

      Mr. Fagan gave us laughter in our darkest times. My daughters and I lived next door and we enjoyed every moment with him. He always told us some funny poems. Everything he said he would rhyme them. I remember always cutting his nice white hair… Sigh, Mr. Fagan you will be truly missed!

    • Sophia

      Always jovial & pleasant…rest well Mr Fagan

    • Chantall

      Mr. Fagan was a good man, he will be truly missed. Rest In peace.

    • Reuben Gunter and family

      Mr Fagon was born a great person,this was demonstrated in every day activities. Mr Fagon was one of those person who bring cheers to just about every one who he will come in contact with.
      He have live his life to its fullest, however we did not want to see him go.
      May his soul rest in peace and condolences to his wife and children and the rest of his family

    • Keisha & Bobby Brown

      Gone but not forgotten….always joy to be around, the life of the party and full of rhymes. Never miss an opportunity to make you laugh. Sleep in Peace Mr. Fàgan

  2. Erica Simmons

    Daddy, you will be truly missed. Eternal Love.

  3. Cerease Nevins.

    Sleep well my dear Uncle Fagan. You were a source of joy as there was never a dull moment around you. Your memory lives on.

    • Sabrina meghoo

      Your life was a blessing,your memory a treasure,you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

  4. Jerry McKnight

    Mr Fagan was a very nice, caring and down to earth individual, him love gives jokes make you laugh, he was a hard worker, a family man, cares for his family, and not only his children, we use to go to his house, with Paul , to watch television, World Cup football, and Olympic, we and his children were close friends, may the almighty keep keep them strong in health n strength to go through in this time of grief, may his soul rest in eternal peace, he won’t be forgotten ???❤️

  5. Jackie Germaine-Aiken

    My uncle Fagan was special and had a way of making others feel special. In spite of all he had to do, he found time to help when I needed his help. I will be forever grateful for him and for all he did for me and my siblings. Rest in peace Uncle.

  6. Tanya Gibson

    He will be missed. his rhymes always kept me laughing. it was never a problem for him to fix anything i asked. He was joy walking in human form. Heaven is laughing, their angel has returned. Walk good Fagan.

    • ERNA Scarlett

      Mr Fagan /Fagie. /My Friend/ My Neighbor. A very loving, caring and dependable person always willing to help in any way possible. He was a hard working man who loves his family. You will be greatly missed. RIP Fagie..we love you but JESUS loves you best

  7. Janice

    Mr Fagan was a father figure, and friend to all who knew him, he will be missed, S.I.P

  8. Everard Fagan

    My Dad, I love you world without end. I miss all the good things you have taught me. I miss seeing you laugh and the way you make family and friends laugh. You are an amazing dad. What am I going to do without you Dad. Not seeing you everyday brings tears to my eyes. May God bless your soul my Dad, friend and mentor. I love you. Rest in Peace

    • Nial Palmer

      I moved to Westport some 19 years ago and there I met Sir Fagan as I called him. He was one of the first neighbors that welcomed me and my family and since then it has been a long time relationship.
      He was a gentle giant and will me missed.

  9. Josh

    I miss everything about you Grandpa; your jokes, your kindness and your happiness. You were so jovial to everyone that they loved you and now you are gone. I love you forever Grandpa. Sleep in peace.

  10. Harrylyn

    Uncle Dohdoh, (wherever that name came from ), so loving, caring, jovial. Near and dear,well loved and missed.

  11. Cecelia Flash and famil

    Fagan you were one of a kind…always entertaining. You will be greatly missed. Rest in eternal peace.

  12. From: Georgia

    In lif we love u dearly in death we love u still in our hearts u hold a place no one else will ever fill god made u special and special u r your heart full of compassion and so much love so caring so special u are in this family and we missed u so much i remember your rhymes always makes me laugh so much memories to cherish and someday we will meet by the river may your sweet precious soul sleep in peace

    • June

      Rest in peace Fagan from the mother of your 7 children. Although youre gone youll still have to support them. We love you with all of our hearts. You will always be missed. We know you are in heaven giving god and the angels jokes.

    • Collette

      Mr Fagan was always a jovial person. There was never a dull moment when you were around him. I can remember when he saw me, he would create a rhyming song on spot. He was talented. I could never imagine how he did it. Mr Fagan brought joy and laughter to all who met him. There are no goodbyes.. See u later. You will be surely missed by everyone Fagie. Sleep and take your rest

  13. Sandra

    Those we love don’t go away they walk beside us every day unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and always dear. Mr Fagan may you Rest In Peace.

  14. Sandra

    Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and always dear. Mr Fagan Rest In Peace.

  15. Doreth

    Fagan, you were not just a cousin to me but also a great friend to Val and myself. Will miss the reminiscing on times past, the times spent together at home or going to the hardware store and great times just enjoying your comedy show when we are on the road. I could depend you to fix problems around the house although you would say you didn’t want me around because I am a fault finder. Rest in peace my dear friend and cousin. Will surely miss you lot.

  16. Leslie Gray

    Fagan,my friend for more than 50 years you made everyone around you,happy,I will forever miss you, you have transitioned to a better place, heaven will be a better place with your presence,walk good

  17. Charmaine Forbes

    My condolence to the family for the lost of a father a Grandfather and a husband he will be truly missed. When growing up in our community he was indeed the life of the party always giving jokes and smiling, you will be missed mr Fagan sleep in peace

  18. Special love from Barbara.

    The great King, Preacher and wise man, Solomon penned in Ecclesiastes 3, that ” there is a time and a season for every activity under the heaven. Fagie, in life was a compassionate individual. He was a good provider, father for his children and grandchildren, he spend precious and loving time with his great grandchildren. He went through various transition in his life time without giving into defeat. His silent mantra was to try again. That he did until his journey ended on Wednesday March 16th . Your memories will forever live in our hearts, because you were never unhesitant to assist anyone requiring of your help. Sleep and take your rest , the Angles will welcome you.

    • Maureen Edwards

      Mr fagie will always be remembered by his rhymes, jokes and a jolly good fellow never a dull moment around mr Fagan ur not here with us physically but spiritually ur in a resting place now so sleep in peace he will be missed by his jovialness

  19. Sabrina

    The song is ended, but the melody lingers on…. Mr Fagan will be missed as he was always smiling and could always build a song from the mention of any word lol.. My fondest memories all involve his many unbelievable stories from his life experiences…. His presence will be greatly missed in our community as he was known by everyone and treated everyone as his friend whether he knew u for years or just yesterday… Rest in peace until we meet again so I can hear more of ur stories… Love Brina

  20. Janice

    Leander Fagan, “Rhymer” as he was called by us at the NWC Payroll Department was really a jolly good fellow. Many a days he would come and visit us in the Payroll Department and have us reeling over with laughter with his many stories of varying topics.
    Fagan endeared himself to me, and I got acquainted with his son Paul, his daughter Marie and his significant other Barbara..
    I usually look forward to his monthly visits to the office to collect his pension slip. These visits always see him bringing a package of some fruit or another and I dare not say no. Fagan was really a very kind person. No matter how busy I was, when Fagan arrives, I would have to make the time to accommodate him, because he finds much pleasure In recounting his childhood days experiences…..he really had some interesting stories to relate and some fond memories. I vividly remember the day that Fagan took Paul to the office to meet me. That was really a happy day.
    Leander Fagan, you are gone, but you have left a ton load of memories behind. You were like no other. You had this unique way of bringing a room alive whenever you grace it with your presence
    I didn’t know him during his active years at the NWC, I met him as a Pensioner. But his colleagues, when reflecting on him only had love and admiration for him and that was evident by the reaction when they encounter with him…… there was never a dull moment with Fagan. Try as you may, one could never turn him off and he wouldn’t leave until he think he had provided enough fun and laughter for everyone.
    Man, he was a real stress reliever.
    Fagan was one of a kind. He stood out in any crowd.
    If happy was a person, Leander Fagan fit that bill.
    SIP Fagan.
    You were loved by many and you played your part on earth quite well.
    The curtains have been drawn, but I hope one sweet day we will meet again.

    L – oving
    E – ndearing
    A – mbitious
    N – ice
    D – uitiful
    O – ptimist

    F – astinating
    A – mazing
    G – regarious
    A – liable
    N – urturing

    Take a bow Leando Fagan ❤️????

  21. Sally Lorraine Ulett

    To know Mr Fagan is to love him. He is one of the nicest persons I know. He loves his family unequivocally. I have known him all my life and Marie is my bestest friend. Marie and Paul are both so amazing because of his nurturing and unwavering support for them. He was the first comedian I know. The life of the party and always pleasant and smiling. While encouraging all around him to smile, have fun and enjoy life. Live laugh and love – his motto. I choose to celebrate Mr Fagan rather than to grieve. His amazing ‘larger than life’ attitude and legacy will live on
    And may Courage, Strength and Peace be with his family at this time. May Mr Fagan have a peaceful transition. Light and Love.

  22. Roshane Patterson

    Mr Fagan was known for his kindness, caring, persistent, hardworking and one who never give up on anything that he does. Mr Fagan was a jovial, always giving jokes and making ppl laugh. He was a rhyme master any time u around him u affi laugh all when yuh sad. Heaven has yet gain another angel ? sleep in paradise grandpa your in a better place now


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