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 Celebrating the Life of


 Novelet Jenifer McDonald

May 24, 1958 – January 18, 2022

Richmond Road, St Mary Jamaica

May 24, 1958

Excerpt from her Eulogy:

As a young nurse she worked at the Bustamante Hospital for Children and later at the University Hospital of the West Indies where in only a few years she was promoted to “Ward Sister”. Kitty loved to explore and challenge herself and ventured into the private sector where she worked for Johnson and Johnson as Health Educator. This job took her all over the Island and gave her the opportunity to work with most companies including the hotels and schools where she would go in to give talks and demonstrations on health and hygiene matters. She enjoyed that job immensely as she had the opportunity to do what she loved most… meet new people. These people over the years have all transcended into family and in those years and beyond many family trips were enjoyed by not only her but also her son Christopher, daughter-in-law Caithlin and grandson Isaiah. These 3 were her everything…

Excerpt from the Family Tribute

Kitty enjoyed a full life, a life of good relationships. She had a relationship with her God, with family, friends and colleagues. Family meant a lot to her, she was in touch with just about everyone and willingly extended herself in whatever capacity she was needed given what was happening at that time. Her nephew Matthew lovingly recalls Kitty Mommy, as he called her. Cousins Georgia and Faithlyn remember her being so nice to them when they were little girls.

Wall of Tributes

My Sister, My Friend

KITTY it was only yesterday we shared  smiles and laughter and today they are just memories.  You were always there to lend a hand to give a hug and share a thought.  It breaks my heart to know that you are gone but your memories will keep me going strong.

You were bold, you were brave and full of life and a blessing to the many lives you touched.  I am ever grateful to be called you sister.  Sleep on my sister, sleep on my friend and take your rest.  A treasure gone too soon.  LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

Winsome (Grace)


“Sisters are FOREVER and I’m so glad you’re mine,” these words are inscribed on what must now become my favourite coffee mug. Kitty gave me that mug more than thirty years ago. My sister Kitty was a special gift to us all. I had the privilege of loving her all her life, she being the second of the lot. She loved life and people. She had the gift of friendship and maintaining relationships over many years.  A friend of the family once remarked that “Kitty has a friend for every day of the week”. She has touched the hearts of so many in her lifetime. Kitty was generous to a fault. She loved to party and was the life of the party. When I think of Kitty of see a beautiful butterfly moving from flower to flower bringing joy and happiness to all the persons who flourish in her garden of love.

I am happy that my sister knew the Lord and loved him. She was passionate about service to God and her fellow man and did not miss an opportunity to engage in doing the Lord’s work. She willingly gave of her time and resources to others and was blessed in return. We will never forget this invaluable gem of ours, she will live on in our hearts forever. Love like ours can never die. Sleep on my sister, may the Angels take you into Paradise.






Young at heart

Kitty you left me beautiful memories that I will carry in my heart forever.

It broke my heart when you left us so soon…but your beautiful, kind and spirited self remains.

I will never understand why you ‘pushed ‘ so hard to be with me for your last Christmas ever…

I thought it would have been better to travel at a later date when Covid was lessened…but you ‘pushed’ harder and WON!

Sis I am so happy that you did.

You were so full of life, I miss you very much. You have left a void because you brought so much energy when you were around.

One of the things I will remember most is your early morning calls (5am)…no matter what day it was I just knew that when my phone rang it was Kitty

Go in Peace you’ve earned your sleep, your love in our hearts we will always keep


Our memories of Novelette, fondly called Kitty, go way back to the 1970’s when we were members of the United Church Young People’s Association, as the United Church Young People’s Fellowship was then known. The times spent and the experiences had in Youth Fellowship, camps and other activities of the related regional and denominational bodies will never be forgotten!

Kitty was quite a pleasant and an extremely friendly person. Her presence in a group was not easily missed. She was ever-smiling, vivacious and energetic. She was blessed with a melodious voice with which she, in turn, blessed countless others. Had she not become a nurse, she could easily have become a successful professional singer.

We cherish greatly the loyalty and quality of her friendship. She will live forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace, dear friend!

Henley Bernard


Novlette aka Kitty quite, pleasant, friendly, presence felt in a crowd, family person, beautiful singing voice. My lasting memory of Novlette will be of an ever-smiling, vivacious, energetic lady. I have known her since we were both teenagers in the United Church. Had she not been a nurse she would have been a professional singer, such was the A class quality of her voice.  Among her friends and acquaintances I had never heard anyone say a bad or disparaging word about her. We will forever cherish her memory and I am sure that she will be singing with the angels. RIP my dear friend Kitty.

My Aunt & Friend

Farewell to a second mother and trusted friend. Mere words cannot do justice to the depth of this loss and fully express the extent of what you meant to me. Throughout my life you were one of the most encouraging, optimistic and nurturing people in my life and though you are gone now, I take comfort knowing you loved me dearly and I loved you and got the chance to tell you.
You will forever be missed and your mark on my heart will never fade. Rest in the loving
arms of God Auntie Kitty.

Dr. Sophia Beecher Garrick

Mommy Kitty

Auntie Kitty was a very loving and giving soul. She would not hesitate to give to others whatever she had…it was who she was. I remember my “Kitty mommy”, yes that’s what I called her because she would spoil me and treat me like I was her very own child.I feel blessed and special that you were with me and my family for Christmas. I will cherish those memories.
Rest in peace my Kitty mommy

Love Matthew

Warm Memories

Kitty you have been my Sister-in-law for over 25 years. You are missed by every life that you have touched. You were always so caring and supportive to me as I love and care for your Sister (Collette).

Christmas will forever be more special to me as you chose to spend it with us. Kitty we were not ready to see you go but I will hold those precious memories dear to my heart.

We must answer when the good Lord calls so sleep on in peace.


Kitty my Cousin, Sister and Trusted Friend

She has brought us all together, sadly it is in this manner, none the less we appreciate your presence. Novelette otherwise known as Kitty, as we called her was our dear cousin, sister, mother, grandmother, daughter, aunt, niece and friend.  She was our mentor, friend and confidant.  She has touched our lives heart in so many ways.  I remember the many phone calls with an encouraging word.

The early morning prayers, her organizing skills are second to none.  Not to mention the annual family gatherings.  We always looked forward to Kitty who was the backbone of the planning and wow demonstrating her baking and cooking skills.  Her singing was to die for at weddings and other functions.  Her favourite wedding song was Ave Maria.  Kitty had great listening skills, whenever we need someone to talk to she was always there and was never too busy to listen even when she was not feeling well.  Her medical knowledge she  imparted to us was priceless.   Her strong personality was to be admired.  We cannot forget the many holidays at our grandmother’s house and the fun we had, how we wished it never ended. Life will never be the same without her.

Death has ended her life but not the memories of our relationship.  She has lived a full life.  Goodbyes are often hard to say but at this time we must let go.  Her memories we will always cherish.  Rest in peace our dear cousin.  She fought long and hard until the end because giving up was never her style. We will always love you dearly and we will never ever forget Kitty.

Kitty and love you always. 


It was during the late seventies, some bright eyed, enthusiastic high school graduates from different part of rural Jamaica, headed to the bright lights of the capital city, Kingston. Our aim was to further our education and or to seek employment and, although not all of us were from the United Church, we were invited to the Youth Fellowship by one of our new acquaintances who was a Youth fellowship member of St Andrew’s Scots Kirk.

We were informed of the fun, fellowship and camaraderie that existed among fellowship members, and so we found our way to our first Youth Fellowship meeting. It was during these visits that we met Novelet McDonald, aka Kitty, one of those young bright minds, pursuing nursing at the Excelsior Community College and who was a member of the Richmond RoadUnited Church in St. Mary.


Elder Novelette ‘Aunty Kitty’ McDonald was an ardent church worker; and a fervent believer in the priesthood of all believers.  No, she never assumed herself better than a pastor; but she was convinced that every member had a role to play in strengthening the body, and that as an elder one ought to be equally concerned about the state of the building as one was about the evangelistic thrust as one was about the liturgical frames and the budget.

With that, Kitty was 100% Presbyterian, as she believed that church should be ‘decent and in order’.  Hence one Sunday at the traditional service, the hymn for Communion was ‘Let us Talents and Tongues Employ’, written by Jamaican hymnodist Doreen Potter and set to the tune of ‘Linstead Market’. 


Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories.

Would you like to offer Novelet’s loved ones a condolence message? Please feel free to write your message of sympathy below.

You may also sign her virtual obituary guestbook as well as light a tribute candle and upload your own photos and memories to share with the family on her Legacy Obituary Page.


  1. H Fagan

    Deepest condolences to the immediate and extended families. On behalf of my family I wish for her perfect rest. Glad I was able to keep in contact up to her very last days. Sleep well my friend and take your rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour ??❤️??

    • Pernella

      My sincere condolences to the family.
      Kitty was a kind and jovial person.
      Kind and committed to her responsibilities.
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge voluntarily with other.
      May you keep smiling as you rest peacefully.
      Collette much love hang in girl.

      • Winsome McDonald

        Pernella, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for us as we heal and move forward.

        Love and blessings from the family

    • Pernella Leon

      My sincere condolences to the family.
      Kitty was a kind and jovial person.
      Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time volunteering to others.
      Please keep that smile as you sleep peacefully.

      • Pamela Sewell

        My condolences to you Winsome the rest of your sisters & other family members , what a lovely smile she had, it draws you to her , I can just guess the type of person she was without knowing her, lovable, caring, sincere& full ofzest. Memories lives on in all of you, RIP smiling angel

        • Janet

          Sincere condolences to Noreen and family as well as relatives on the loss of Novelette (Kitty).
          Cherish the wonderful memories shared. Shed your tears if you must, but always reflect on the goodness of Kitty. Let your smiles mix with your tears as you remember your sister, your mother, your relative, your friend Novelette, who has lived a full and wholesome life.
          Nuff Blessings.

          • Winsome McDonald

            Janet, there are not enough words to fully express our heartfelt gratitude, and love and you have extended to us during our time of sorrow.

        • Winsome McDonald

          Pam, thank you for your thoughtfulness an support during our time of loss. It was greatly appreciated. Much love.

      • Elaine Bryan Wallace

        My condolences to the families and friends of our dearest sister Novelette McDonald (Miss Kitty).
        She was a stalwart in her time;
        Teaching, praying and a warrior for saving souls for God was her utmost goal.
        May your soul rest in peace.

      • Cheryl Ann Williams

        Kitty and I went to Nursing school together. We were part of the 3rd batch of nurses that EXED trained…and we kept that friendship going. A compasionatre and caring person , Kitty was like a cool soothing gentle breeze that drifted around you with a gentle melody, It carried you along and brought you peace & love.
        Her memories will always be with us…those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us everyday.
        Our Lord called you home,,,,to walk those streets of Glory. RIP my batchmate…we are going to meet again !
        Condolences to your entire family.

        • Sophia

          I only knew you vicariously through your son, Chris. He spoke highly of you and from the stories told I know of and learnt how to love beyond borders.
          Heaven smiles and welcomes you and I promise to help my friend Chris as he and his family as they learn to live with your memories.

          • Winsome McDonald

            Sophia, we cannot think of words to express our heartfelt thanks for the sympathy you have extended towards us. We are truly thankful to you and appreciate your support and love in our time of loss.

        • Lorna McDonald

          Kitty such a beautiful person at heart. Always calling checking to see if I am OK. I am always looking forward to seeing you when you come to Ocho Rios . You will not leave without seeing me . If I dont see you we would call or text each other. You will always be in my heart may your soul rest in peace

          • Winsome McDonald

            Lorna, thank you for thinking of us. Your thoughtfulness has helped ease the pain and we are grateful for it. Blessings and love.

        • Winsome McDonald

          Janet, our family would like to thank you for your kindness expressed though your prayers and thought. We greatly appreciate it.

        • Winsome McDonald

          Cheryl Ann, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate the kindness during our time of grief.
          Love and blessings.
          Beecher and McDonald family

        • Winsome McDonald

          Hi Cheryl, thank you for all the ways you have demonstrated care a d concern for us. We know there are some difficult days ahead, but we are getting stronger. Thanks again.

    • Patrick Litchmore

      I didn’t know Novelette personally, but from what I know she was a very caring person and much loved by her siblings. Her journey on this plane has ended but it’s just beginning on another plane. My she find peace, joy, and happiness in eternal life.

      • Winsome McDonald

        Patrick, it has been a difficult time of sadness for us, but we want to thank you for your comforting words. It was nice to be thought of amidst the sadness and loss. Blessings

    • Winsome McDonald

      Hope thank you for thinking of our family during our loss. Yours words of comfort was truly appreciated.

      The McDonald & Beecher family.❤

  2. Beverley Dinnall

    I will always remember her warm smile and her pleasant personality. She also had a friendly greeting for everyone.

    • Jackie Carter

      On behalf of District 6 – Webster Memorial United Church Our sincerest condolences to the McDonald’s as well as the other family members and friends. We are standing with you in prayers. Novelet RIP until we meet again.

    • Elaine Sylvester

      Deepest sympathy to family, co-workers and friends. Kitty your bubbly personality and beautiful smiles lives on.

      • Marcia Bonner

        Kitty my cousin , my friend , my mentor you were always there for me . Each morning I could always look out for your messages ….Marcie are you ok ? I missed hearing those words Thank you for your care and support all these years you will be greatly missed.

    • Viviene Luckie

      Sincere condolences to Noreen and family May the soul of your dear sister rest in eternal peace

      • Marleise Graham

        My sincere condolences to her family and especially her son whom she spoke of very often. I met Novlett in 2017 but I feel as though I have known her for a lifetime. She invited me to her church, the christening of her grandson and others. She was a very generous person, and very caring. May her blessed soul rest in peace.

  3. Paulette Richards

    My deepest condolences to her family and friends. I have never met her, but i have heard family and friends talk so highly of her. May her Soul Rest In Peace and may light perpetual shine upon her. I pray ????God will give you all the strength and courage you need in your time of bereavement. Take comfort; She is gone to a better place no more sorrows, no more pain , just peace perfect Peace.?? ?

    • Marcia Bonner

      Such a pleasant personality…her lovely smile….would light up any room…
      Always willing to give an helping hand .
      The soloist of the family
      The mentor of our family
      Even though she is in the medical field but her baking and cooking skills are second to none.
      We have lost a sweet soul .
      We can never forget her. She will always be in our heart.

      We love her dearly and will always do.
      Love all the way.

  4. Denzil Kerr

    Novelet ‘Kitty’ McDonald was a rare specie, the type you find few and far between. Having actually met her quite a while before we actually became family, I was drawn to her vivacious, loving, caring personality. Once she knew you, whenever you met, she would always enquire if all was well. On becoming family, the bonds grew even stronger.
    We surely miss her and that radiant smile.
    Walk good….my friend and sister.
    May you walk well with the ancestors!!

    • Debbie

      Kitty was like a big sister to me a really loving and caring aunt to my children.. Nothing was to good for her to share. She loved and cared for my family as if we were blood relatives. I’ll always remember the times we shared as an extended part of your family.

      Even in your sickness you called to check up on me and the kids. This is how selfless you were.

      Walk good my sister. Your work here on earth has ended. You will be terribly missed.

      To the family I say keep the memories alive.

      From Debbie Andre, Jae-Anne and Alex

  5. D Watson

    Sincere condolences to the McDonald and extended families, on behalf of my family. May you find comfort and strength during these difficult times.?????

    • Pamela Rhule

      Condolences to Kitty’s family, be strong always. I can remember her warm, friendly smiles, her quiet, soft spoken voice. She would lit up a classroom with personalities. Kitty will long be remembered. May she rest in peace.

    • Marcia Bonner

      Kitty my cousin , my friend , my mentor you were always there for me . Each morning I could always look out for your messages ….Marcie are you ok ? I missed hearing those words Thank you for your care and support all these years you will be greatly missed.

      • Denise BD

        Deep condolences to Christopher and the rest of the family. I had the pleasure of meeting Novelet at Johnson & Johnson. I accompanied her on several visits to schools, hotels and corporate entities. No matter the situation, Novelet was always jovial and upbeat, always looking for the bright side. She was a great colleague and a wonderful friend. RIP Novelet.

  6. Dona Morales

    My sincere condolences to the family. Try to find solace in the pleasant memories you have of her and to always remember her as the pleasant, warm person she was. Whenever our paths crossed, she was always kind and welcoming. Be comforted knowing that she lived her life fully and that she did things her way without regrets. Time will help to make the pain of her loss less painful although I know you will always love and miss her. May her soul Rest In Peace and may the angels guide her into eternal rest.

  7. Delzetha Edith Sinclair Smith

    Angels rejoiced at your arrival in heaven …a beautiful soul inside and out…you are missed and thought of everyday….

    Sleep in peace

  8. Blossom salmon

    Condolences to the family and friends of Novelette may her soul rest in peace. We met in 2018 when you requested a driver to take you to do an interview. I was very privileged to be the one that answer your call. We have become more than a driver/ passenger duo. We are like sisters. Nursey I missed you dearly and you will always be in my heart.

  9. Pamela Rhule

    Kitty was such a pleasant and friendly person. She had an endearing smile, and a soft voice that, as I heard her name, these were her personalities I immediately remembered. She would lit up our classes with her charms. Such a beautiful soul.

    My condolences to her family. Be strong! May she rest in peace!

    • Lorna Lindo

      I thank God for the beauty of frienship. Kitty and I were friends at primary school. We were neighbours which allowed us to spend more time together. Though we were separated over the years I can see from the many tributes that she
      maintained the same lively caring and genuine personality I was familiar with.
      People come into our lives for a time and a season. For me
      It was a time of fun.support, love and preparation for the world that laid before me.
      I can say thank God for genuine friends as Kitty. I look forward to seeing her again. May God bless and comfort her family to carry on her legacy.

    • Marcia Stephenson

      I never knew Novelet (Kitty) personally, but i know how it feels to loose a loved one and it is obvious Kitty was well loved.

      May the family find comfort in God’s promise “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.”

      My sincere condolences to Winsome and the entire McDonald family.

  10. Richard BERWICK

    Its amazing how we meet people and they become family and friends.

    Its amazing how the moments we spend together become the legacies of our memories.

    And these memorise become the time capsules that brings everything back to life.

    So much more we could have discovered yet we journey still until we meet yet again in the afterlife.

    Rest Well Novi

    • Hyacinth Davis. (Valrie). & The Davis Family

      I still feel as if I am dreaming..
      It will sure takes a while …
      Your smiles, your voice, and your charming personality will always be remembered.,they will surely be missed.
      Gone just too soon.
      May God gives your family and friends the strength to continue.
      Rest in peace Dear.

  11. Pamela Ruddock

    Heartfelt sorrow and condolences, from my family to yours . Please accept my deepest condolences to the immediate & extended family. We sincerely hope peace finds you during this difficult time. Sadness engulfed us the moment we learned of Novelet (Kitty’s) passing .

    She was a very generous person, caring and giving . Her love was beyond measure and she extended it to all in her path . I will miss the early morning text & Devotion . May her soul Rest In Peace ❤️?
    Pam & Barry Ruddock , Andre & Nicole

  12. André Ruddock

    Auntie Novelet is at the center of some of my fondest childhood memories. I will never forget her laugh, smile, and the genuine love she had for us. She wanted us all to be at our best. The friendship she shared with my mother taught how to be a great friend to my peers. You will be missed Auntie. Love you Christoper!

  13. Jennifer Hamilton

    On behalf of District 8, Condolences to the family. She was truly a beautiful soul, A dedicated chistian, a wonderful mother and grandmother. District 8 has lost a true woman of God. A rare gem. May her Spirit rest in peace and may light perpetual shine on her.

  14. Winston Wiles

    Oh no!! Sincere condolences to her family. Such a wonderful person and friend.May her memories continue in our hearts and mind.

  15. Sherlane and Tish

    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

    May God continue to strengthen you as you lean on His everlasting arms

  16. Paul & Launa Williams

    Our sincere condolences to Christopher, our son, and all other members of Kitty’s family.
    Kitty was an amazing woman with an exuberant spirit. She loved people, and people loved her. Kitty was full of fun and very hospitable. She quickly made you feel comfortable in her company, and she had an adventurous spirit.
    May you know comfort from the God of all comfort.

  17. Flo

    Kitty ‘You’ are a GEM ? Always have been Always will be. A Precious and Treasured PART of the ONE HUGE DIAMOND that makes up GOD’s HUMAN CREATION.
    Your candle here on Earth has Burnt out Long b4 your Legacy ever will; and so continues to burn in our hearts emitting your much treasured legacy of a Loving Caring Soul. RIP my dear friend/sister in Christ. Keep the Faith Family & Friends.♥️??

    • Faith

      We know we can’t make this pain go away, but we know one who does. He in His words that have been tried and tested says, “Casting all your cares upon him; for He careth for you. (1 Peter 5:7)
      Thank you all for always stying close to the “Country family.” Kitty will be greatly missed but take comfort in the joy and rich memo she has passed on to others.

  18. Marilyn Graham

    Good day Christopher
    Tribute to Novlett (Kitty) McDonald my sister and my friend.
    God knows more than anyone how deep our friendship was over the decades.
    Kitty had such a warm personality and was joyfully gracious to everyone. She will always be remembered for her generosity, warm hospitality, melodious voice (especially when she sings “His eye is on the sparrow) and above all she a woman of God. I am surely going to miss you.
    Rest in peace my sister and my friend. May God’s perpetual light shines upon you forever.
    Condolences to Christopher, Noreen ,Collette, Grace, Ann and the rest of her family.
    From Marilyn, Thabo and Ayana

  19. Pamela Javkson-Brown

    Kitty was such a wonderful and cheerful person, never seen without a smile.

    I remember her with that beautiful singing voice, always pleasant from the day I met her at St. Andrew’s Scott Kirk United and our then regular young adult’s camp.

    Condolences to her family and friends especially her dear son Christopher.

    RIP dear Kitty, you will be greatly missed by all . You are only ahead of us. S

  20. Kirk Palmer

    Our prayers are with you bro, keep your head up and stay strong, your badminton fam is with you in prayer.??

  21. Hyacinth Davis (Valrie)

    Kitty your smile, your voice, your calming personality will always be remembered. And will be dearly missed. Gone just too soon. May God give your family and friends the strength to continue, rest in peace.
    From the Davis Family

  22. Juliet Ranger-Moore

    Kitty I will certainly miss your lovely smile that you often greeted me with when we met at Shopper’s Fair. You were never too busy to say. Condolences to your family and friends. Your pleasant memories will live on.

    • Joan Scott

      When our time here is over, death brings peace to the deceased and pain to our loved ones. We will all get a taste of death, but we will meet again. Kitty lived and lived well, she touched us all in different ways, from the sound of her beautiful voice on Sunday mornings at church, to her kindness and generosity to her fellow man. You are gone but not forgotten. To your sisters, may the lord grant you peace knowing that you will all re-unite again, when this mortal life is over. ? Stay strong.

  23. Marlene Christie

    I am visualizing our times on Ward 15 ,how happy we were when our kids wave goodbye and how tearful we were when we lost one. In our youthful exuberance we could not understand why. Over the years our bond got stronger and we were always in touch.Friday the 14th you texted saying how happy you were to be home and that you were feeling much better. On Monday I texted you my usual morning greetings and you replied at 8:02 PM “love u girl”, those words I will always treasure . You did not respond to Tuesday morning’s text I guess you did not want to say goodbye .
    To Christopher and family my deepest sympathy . May the memories of times well spent overshadow your loss ,as she Rest In Peace.

  24. Pauline Palmer-Williams

    Kitty was one of the EXED nurses family. My recollection is that her contagious, effervescent and extroverted personality connected with people in many dimensions. As a Register Nurse her knowledge, skills and attitude exemplified a caring empathetic person and she excelled in the capacity as an health educator. She was also a singer in her own rights and a faithful, dependable friend. May her soul rest in perpetual and eternal peace. To her family, may you find comfort in the memories you shared

  25. Pauline Palmer-Williams

    Kitty was one of the EXED nurses family. My recollection is that her contagious, effervescent and extroverted personality connected with people in various dimensions. As a registered nurse her knowledge, skills and attitude exemplified a person who was caring and empathetic. She excelled as health educator and was a singer in her own rights as well as a faithful and dependable friend. May her soul rest in perpetual and eternal peace. To her family, may you find comfort in the memories shared.

  26. Vijay Myles

    The strength needed at this time of bereavement is fleeting but the Lord holds the hands of his children, and where necessary he carries them through hardships. I know that the surviving family loved and cherished every moment of your life Ms. Mcdonald. You will always be celebrated with smiles and the joy you left in our hearts.

  27. Jessicka

    I hope that when you remember Kitty, you don’t think of her this way. Instead remember the good times you had, or the funny things she would say. But although Kitty pass remember, she loved you all more, and don’t lose heart because we will see her again,when we all reach that distant shore. Her life was a blessing and memories are treasure, she loved beyond words and miss beyond measure.

    • Allan Sappleton

      Deepest sympathy and condolence to the family of Novelet McDonald.

      I met her in 2009 and as her coworker, I admired her warm and genuine personality, her love for humanity and her zest for life.

      She had an eloquence second to none and could organize whatever engagement she was entrusted with by mere use of the telephone. One would be surprised at what materialized from the various contacts she made and the bountiful responses she elicited.

      I last spoke with her on December 29, 2021 when I answered her call and realized that she was abroad with family. I realized then by her voice and her spirited talk that even though she was afflicted she was in no way crushed.

      As Abraham Lincoln once said:

      “In the end, it is not the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years”.

      The impact of her life will live on!

      Rest well my friend.

  28. Charmaine Campbell Lake

    Kitty was full of smiles and laughter. She was my one time sister in law. I wìll never forget the time she was ill andvisited herat home. She was truly a wonderful person and a blessing to us all

  29. R

    A beautiful soul has gone to rest indeed,kitty was a kind caring gentle person with a beautiful smile and high morals.kitty has made great contributions to the united church i was glad to have met her.We cannot Lord thy purpose see but all is well thats done by thee eternal rest grant to thee sleep on,

    • Beverly Dobbs

      Kitty you were a very loving and welcoming person. You welcome my family into you home for many Christmas dinners. You are missed.
      My sincere condolences to Noreen, Grace, Collette, Ann,Amanda and Christopher and family. Cherish the lovey memories you shared with kitty.
      Gone too soon. RIP

    • Jean Shepherd (McNaught)

      Kitty I am happy that we met. I was part of the group of Collete’s friends from Shortwood Teacher’s College, and you accepted all of us in your home without reservation. The cherished memories will not to be forgotten. Condolences to the entire family.

  30. Rose carty.

    A beautiful soul has gone to rest indeed.Kitty was a kind caring person with a lovely smile and high morales she contributed a lot to the united church ,i was glad to have met her.we cannot lord thy purpose see but all is well thats done by thee eternal rest grant to her sleep on.

  31. Marcia Henry

    She was a wonderful person, I enjoyed working with her at the National Water Commission
    Her laughter fill the room, she call my name the sweetest way.
    She was kind loving and caring
    On the half of the NWC family our deepest sympathy to her family may her soul rest in peace ?
    Mr. Sappleton, Nurse Moulton, Keris, Melissa, Gary.Gademar,Mr. Lowe and Marcia. ???


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