Eternal Legacy

USD $700.00

Create an Eternal Legacy of memories that will forever live on.

A legacy so big and so bountiful it can never die. Eternal Legacy honors your loved one with a lifetime package. Create a safe space for loved ones to gather and share memories, celebrate a legacy and comfort each other for as long as you need, online.

Package Benefits:

  • Includes Legacy Obituary

  • Up to 100 Photos Gallery

  • Up to 5 Direct Video Upload (or 10 minutes of content)

  • Up to 5 Youtube links

  • View, Play & Download Eulogy

  • View & Download Funeral Program

  • Live Stream link

  • Favourite Song/Audio File

  • Video Slideshow

  • Video Header Banner

Your Eternal Legacy website is curated with the content you provide.

Once payment is made you will be redirected to our legacy lounge where you will complete the necessary forms and provided guidelines for your photo and video uploads.Within 24 hours an Eternal Legacy Concierge will make contact to start working on your website.


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