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OCTOBER 13,1955 – MARCH 24,2021

“He was our hero, our mentor, our support system, our joy, our rock and everything else that we needed or wanted.”


Born in Jamaica

OCTOBER 13,1955

A great father makes all the difference in his children’s lives. A great father is not only a pillar of strength for his family, a shoulder to cry on, a support system that never waivers, and an absolute provider. He is also the person that makes his family feel completely whole. He forms the structure and embraces all his loved ones in his arms that are never too short to hold us all at once if needed. My Dad was all of this and more – because he was not just great, he was perfect in every sense of the word. He was the perfect father and the perfect husband.




All of my memories of Wayne DaCosta are happy ones. Every. Single. One! Looking back, I don’t think I can say that about anyone else and so I can’t think of a greater tribute than that simple truth.

Wayne Dacosta OD passed away on March 24, 2021 leaving Wife Elizabeth, Son Jason,Daughter Stephanie and other relatives and friends. The family would like to express gratitude to all who have reached out with words of comfort and love as well as fond memories shared.

“Happy goes the lucky”


  1. PJ and Anne Marie Asher

    Wayne often sat beside me at cards on Wednesday nights …. in many ways he was the life of the game and provided so much entertainment to everyone present … when he was winning he could not stop chatting and all was just wonderful…. on the rare occasion he was losing, well let’s just say he was …. not that talkative lol …. the game won’t be the same without him and a chair will be left empty in his honour …. he will be missed by us all

  2. Kayemarie (Ziadie) Buckler

    Having the Dacosta family as my neighbors in Jamaica made life so much happier.
    Wayne was close to my brother Abe and of course I always was tagging along to find out what they were up to!! Horseback riding was something that we all did together and for those of you that know me donkey riding wasn’t a problem either!!! 🙂
    He was always so kind to me. I will always remember his happy smile.
    Never heard him ever speak bad about anyone and showed so much love for his family and friends.
    Liz, Paula, Stephen, Phillip and all the family… Please accept our deepest condolences.
    I am proud to have known him !!
    Kayemarie & family

  3. Mitta

    As human beings. We are born into this world to live our best life and then leave behind a legacy of our work and the lives we touch and the friends we have made .the people we have loved and the people who love us. Wayne was such a man who ticked all the boxes in his lifetime. He was all or nothing at all. You are either with me or against me. There was no guessing where you stood with Wayne. I am proud to call Wayne my friend. Our relationship begin as owner/trainer but grew way beyond that. We literally spoke every day of life and more often than not. Very little about horse racing. He is without question the finest race horse trainer Jamaica has ever seen. The consummate professional with the drive and passion of a thousand men. I have lost my friend. A gaping hole in my heart that can never again be filled. But I have the memory of having had a true friend and that is no guarantee in any lifetime. To his family I wish all that is good. And prey for God’s Blessings to continue shining upon them. They have lost a lot. But Wayne has left this world knowing that he did everything for their continued security and success. God Bless and keep you my friend. Till we meet again. I will carry you with me in every step I make. In your own words Kid. Memba I tell you.

  4. Christian maingot

    A call to Wayne on arriving in Jamaica would inevitably lead to him saying “ you staying for racing ? I’ll come and collect you “ And whether I stayed or not he always found the time during the week together with Elizabeth to come and collect me at the hotel and go for dinner and talk about the horses .
    our hearts grieve for Elizabeth and Steph and Jason and for the rest of the family on their huge loss .
    Our deepest sympathy
    Christian and Kristine

  5. Leigh McCulloch

    I will truly miss Uncle Wayne. He always showed so much love and happiness to all. He was such a busy man, but always made time for his family when we came to visit from Canada. His love for his wife and children was like something from a love story. Aunty Liz, Jason, Stephy and the Dacosta family our hearts go out to you all. Take comfort in knowing He is still with you guys and guiding you all. This is not goodbye but see you later. Sleep peacefully Uncle Wayne ❤ Until we meet again.

  6. Sebastian

    Wayne was an awesome presence no matter what crowd he was in. He had the knack of being the life of the party yet he never took the thunder from anyone…the consumate gentleman. He was as competitive as they got, and fought hard for his wins, but accepted his few losses with grace and dignity.
    I heard a lot about his family though, somehow, never got to meet them. They should know he was intensely proud of them and being a part of them.
    I wish them healing and comfort at this time, but when the sadness subsides, a chance to remember what a giant he was and how much joy and laughter he gave to his family and friends.

  7. Akim Mahadiow

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. DaCosta back in November of 2019 when I had the interest of purchasing a horse at the yearling sale and wished for him to be the trainer. I told him my budget and he eventually picked out a beautifully filly. After the sale we shook hands and he said to me “it’s destiny why we got the filly for such a bargain price, within the budget”. I later named the horse ‘She’s My Destiny’. She’s yet to race but Wayne thought very highly of her and referred to her as a ‘machine’ based on her abilities displayed in training.

    On my visit to Jamaica last December, Pardy and I would sit and watch all his horses go through their paces every Saturday morning, while I was there. We shared porridge most mornings. He even introduced me to bulgar porridge which is quite tasty. He decided to switch it up one morning and ordered curried chicken foot lol. Wayne shared many jokes, stories and we even discussed current affairs and as a result, we were usually the last the leave most mornings. He was so easy to talk to.

    Also, it was impressive to me how he knew exactly what exercise each horse was to do on a given morning and remembered the jockey’s feedback from each horse without even writing it down.

    Racing will never be the same. Rest easy Great Man!

  8. Cedric Stewart

    A truly remarkable human being. The sport of horse racing was the better for his participation. He will be missed by all who came into contact with him. I will miss his genuine counseling and inquiries on matters relating to the horse industry.

  9. Peter Christopher Harris

    I met Wayne as a young boy when we all grew up in the Sandhurst area ” Hooksee” we used to call him back then, riding bikes, galivanting, “bingy” in hand to go look grassquits. Years passed and we had migrated but when we came back on visits and bucked him up it was like no time had passed and his warm affectionate smiles always said you are a friend and welcoming. We are deeply saddened by his passing but comforted that his legacy, both familial and vocational have left their mark on all of us.
    To Liz, Paula, Stephen, Phillip and all the family may the God of all comfort comfort you at this time.

  10. Bruce Levy

    Wayne Dacosta was one of the rare individuals who left an indelible mark wherever he went and whatever he touched. I do not think it was intended nor do I think he was aware.

    Our weekly card game comprised a collection of the strongest personalities imaginable. A larger bunch of know it alls cannot possibly exist. Upon his arrival to the game some 15 or so years ago, an atmosphere of humour and euphoria envelopped the game. Over time the Kid developped a personal and independent friendship with everyone connected with the occassion, not simply the players. Of course he fitted right in as a know it all, proving himself an authority on all matters relating to politics, card playing and soap operas. Ironically, this did not extend to Horse Racing. Such was his love and passion for the sport that he listened intently to all opinions and views on the subject, in the hope of gaining any possible titbit to add to his already encyclopedic knoweldge of the sport of kings.

    The Kid’s infectious laugh, unending quips and enthusiasm for life will be greatly missed. Fortunately for those who knew him well, he leaves behind a treasure trove of memories and laughs to last a lifetime.

    Walk Good my friend, the Kid..

  11. Busha & Natalia Nunes

    As preteens at Wolmer’s Girls, Lizzie and I became fast friends. We would take the No. 14 “Jolly Joseph” bus to East Kings House Road, come off at my stop – Paddington Terrace, where I would quickly change out of the ghastly uniform, grab my bicycle and walk with Lizzie to her home at Sandhurst. That was “kids central”. As we got to her gate, we could hear music belting from her mum, Joanie’s stereo…”Boop bop booby doh wah doh wa, Swing your daddy…”. Lizzie would change into her regular clothes and the growing crew of children would ride our bikes up and down the horseshoe street. Maybe that was part of Wayne’s anatomy – the horseshoe.

    Music, dominoes and card games were, now that I put two and two together, Mrs. McCulloch’s “honey” to the neighbourhood “honeybee” children. We all wanted to be at that “hive”. As the teenage years came quickly, there was never any doubt that “My Eyes Adore You” was Wayne and Lizzie’s starting gate, course and now, winner’s closure.

    Many moons later when we were young adults, I drove into the stable yard that once was Nigel Nunes’ barn and was later, after he passed, shared by my husband, Busha, and Wayne. “Honey”, (as Lizzie calls him and I would tease), rushed up to me. BIG grin on his face, he said, “Liz pregnant. We jus’ found out. Go and visit her but, don’t tell her I told you”! “Honey” could not conceal his joy. I had to calm myself down driving to Waterworks so I would appear to just casually drop by. Lizzie let me in and we didn’t get past the laundry door when she blurted, “GUESS WHAT??? I’M PREGNANT”!!! Thank God I didn’t have to keep up the act for long! Lizzie, I’ve kept that secret all this time for your “Honey”. Now, you know.
    Wayne and Lizzie put their EVERYTHING into their marriage and their children. They have won every race in the family “deck of cards” called life.
    This final race was not ever a feature in our thoughts, in only our 6th decade of life. I imagined that there were many more races to be won. And, there are. Jason couldn’t have had a better teacher than his dad. Jamaica, the US…Wayne’s legacy will continue – it can’t be denied.
    It’s unthinkable that I can’t be in Jamaica to lend my shoulder for your tears, Frennie. But know that Busha and I offer our prayers daily for you, Jay and Steph. Love always…Busha and Natalia

    As I write this, Busha is working on his laptop. Apart from the many racing memories he holds in his heart of Wayne, some of his fondest and most hilarious are a multitude of comedic scenarios that happened on the squash courts … … especially between Wayne and Jose Pinchin. Needless to say, those can only be repeated over a beer or TEN. Rest in eternal peace, Wayne.

  12. Michael Winter

    My Brother by another Mother.

  13. Donna Winter

    When Jehovah made man he gifted us all with his beautiful qualities, love, justice, kindness, among others but as we move through life some allow those qualities to drop by the wayside but it is obvious that Wayne held tightly to some of those beautiful qualities and allowed them to influence the way he treated others no matter who they were.
    All the best to the family.

  14. Marcia McCulloch

    “To love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.” Wayne experienced this love in his lifetime from his family and friends and thus leaving behind a lifetime of beautiful memories. Memories we will cling to for the rest of our lives. Our family (Ned and McCulloch clan) were always close and we did many things together. The many family outings and vacations, the family Sunday get togethers or just hanging out when we could. In the midst of these outings we could always rely on Wayne to bring his witty, dry humour that would have us cracking up. When he laughed you have to laugh as it was so infectious. I can still hear it ringing in my ears. He and Ned were the two leading the pack and oh how they enjoyed ribbing each other. His bark was worse than his bite as he just a softie at heart. He was a kindhearted, genuine, warm, witty person but one thing I knew was that he spoke his mind and so you knew where you stood with him. Between Wayne and Ned they could have made a plethora of racing books; so extensive was their racing knowledge of the game. I can hear Ned saying, “Pardy tout mi nuh,” and then Wayne replying laughing, “Pardy yuh nuh need my help man.” Ned had Wayne’s back every step of the way. He got angry when anything bad is said about him and defended him vigorously. Up to the day before Ned passed he got so upset about the rumour that Wayne had passed. We all will miss him dearly and can only hope they are together today. Maybe, just maybe they are at the ‘heavenly’ track right now having fun and God is having a hard time getting them to settle down. Ride good Wayne and may eternal peace be with you. Your family and our family will continue to make you proud. Love from Marcia, Joan, Brittany and Justin.

    • Alex haber

      Though my heart is sad it still smiles with the memories of the times I was privileged to spend with Wayne/ Pardy. I remember fondly the trips to Florida, Kentucky and The Bahamas. The love for horse racing and poker ensured we spent many an hour together and what fun that proved to be. Wayne was a winner and he drove those around him to be likewise. Whether winning at cards or racing, success with Wayne was especially euphoric. When he carried me to win the owner’s championship that joint success felt immeasurably. Winning with Wayne was indeed special and indescribably fun. He could always make me laugh with his quick wit and canny observations which were at many times unfiltered. Wayne was quick to offer advice and help when required. His inherent will to succeed made such overtures invaluable. He has left an enormous gap in the lives of all those who knew him well, such was the size of his boundless personality. Walk good my friend. The memories will never leave nor our friendship forgotten. I wish for his family all the grace that is necessary to cope in this most difficult of times and remain comforted that they remain blessed to have had such a special person in their lives. ??


    I had the opportunity for around a quarter century of having a fair reality of Wayne, an incredible individual. As a neighbour, who over the years, I was blessed to build a relationship with he and his family, who became my dear friends, I had a first-hand view to observe him in several roles and I will describe him thus:
    Wayne, was a model of a family man, a devoted husband, loving father and committed to the training of his horses, his other family. I cherished hearing him call his dear wife and love of his life, one of two names – “Honey” or “Elizabeth”. Whenever I heard him use the latter, which was rare, I would begin to laugh, as it usually meant he had a dissenting opinion or view, or to make a point with regards to some over-rated place. But it was always said in such a manner, that one was never in doubt that her well-being was his paramount concern. Wayne and Liz’s marriage was for me like a Mills and Boon romance, each loving the other unconditionally, forever and soul mates both on this earth and beyond.

    As a father, he was a devoted, loving Dad, who was proud of each of his children’s milestones and who gave to each of them his all, including his values and principles. Even when they became adults, he was in touch with every moment of their life.

    His horses, were his other life and I would see him on many mornings over the span of all those years, at any time around 4:40 a.m. – 4:50 a.m., as he was driving to go to his horses, and I would be out jogging/walking. Of course, with such a rigorous routine that begun at such an ungodly hour, for most of his life, ,it was quite understandable to see Wayne sleeping like a teddy bear from around 7:00 p.m. most evenings in his reclining chair, waking up periodically, to make sure that his dear wife was around and fine.

    Wayne was a gentle giant, honest to a fault, with clear and consistent opinions, humble with no pretensions, confident in his skin, and a champion in all regards. I will surely miss him and commit to remain steadfast and present for Liz, Steph and Jason. Rest well Wayne, you gave of your best, your legacy will live on through your children and the generations to come. Kay

  16. Emilio Rodriquez

    I was saddened and speechless upon hearing the news of Wayne’s passing.I started riding for Wayne in the early 80s.In 1984 Wayne asked me to be the lead jockey for his stable and without hesitation I accepted his request.It was a very successful year in which Wayne won his first championship and I won my second.That year we also won some classic races which includes the Guinness,,Oaks and the derby with Thornbird.Wayne and I went to Panama to the Caribbean classic which we competed and finished 4th with Thornbird.
    Wayne and I became close friends over the years and also his family,then I discovered his wife Elizabeth is a cousin of my cousin by her father’s side.Wayne has been very respectful and supportive of me.There are instances where people would tell Wayne “Bimbo pull up your horse” and Wayne in return would speak highly of me defending me saying “ Bimbo don’t know how to pull up a horse”.Another instance that stood out with me is, one morning I was exercising a horse for him and he was telling me what to do when the horse was being unruly and I said to him “you cannot ride leave it to me”Wayne then answered back saying “is who teach you to ride? Is me teach you to ride”.I found that very hilarious and I laughed on my entire journey around the track.
    Wayne and I had many wonderful years on and off the track.He has played a very important part of my successful career and for this I will be forever thankful. My sincere sympathies go to his wife,children and family.May they find comfort in knowing he was a legend and he is now peacefully resting in heaven.


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